Our Story

Quality food, comfort, and family

Quality food, comfort, and family
For my family and I, our memories have always included the time we spent with one another in the kitchen and around the dinner table. For us, food and cooking has served more than a necessity, but has allowed for our family to remain united through family recipes, traditions, and quality time with each other. Our dream to pass down and share our family recipes and traditions, has remained constant and strong.

In 2011, fate worked it's wonders when my family and I came across a local restaurant in our neighborhood. We walked into the restaurant, intrigued by it's character, and asked the owner if he would be interested in selling his business. To our surprise, he agreed. In a matter of months, with the help of our family, we took ownership and began to transform the preexisting restaurant into our envisioned Armenian and Mediterranean style restaurant.

In July 2011, we eagerly introduced our community to Tonir Cafe. Despite little experience, our passion for sharing family recipes drove us. With family support and determination, we fulfilled our dream of bringing joy to our community through great food and a comforting, homey atmosphere. Our love for good food continues to grow as Tonir Cafe’s impact expands.

With the help of our family and our determination to fulfill our lifelong dreams, we have been fortunate enough to bring joy to our local communities with great food and comforting at-home feel. Our excitement and love for good food continues to grow, as our impact through Tonir Cafe has grown.

Our goal at Tonir Cafe, is to create and serve fresh quality Armenian and Mediterranean food using high quality ingredients. We use our family recipes to create fresh salads, side dishes, and desserts. We grill our kabobs on an open charcoal grill, fresh to order, to ensure freshness and quality. Cheers! Gayane and the Movsesyan Family!